Hurricane in Tampa Bay
Jason, Age 12, Easton, CT

I started to get bored when my mom asked "Want to go outside?"

"How did you know?" I asked jokingly.

"Well, it is the eye of the storm so it won't be really bad again for a few minutes," she explained.

"What is the eye of the storm?" I questioned.

"It is the very middle of the storm and it is okay outside for a little bit," my Mom started, "Around the eye though is the worst part of the storm." I was very confused but I didn't care, I just knew we could go outside.

We went out and it was very windy but it wasn't as bad as before. We were walking around when we spotted a little alley and we hung around there for a little. After a few minutes we had to go in because the eye passed.

"Who wants to rent a movie?" my Mom asked.

"Yeah!" My siblings and I answered enthusiastically. Since this happened a few years ago we wanted to watch Garfield.

"All right, all right we can watch the movie but after that you have to go to bed.

"Sure," we answered. After the movie everyone except my Dad and I were asleep.

"Want to go outside?" he questioned.

"Yeah," I whispered back. Very quietly we snuck out of the hotel room and into the lobby. We went outside into what looked like the middle of the storm.

"Want to see what is at the end of the alley?" my dad asked.

"Yeah!" I answered anxiously. We had to run fast to beat the wind.

"Ready......Set......WAIT the wind picked up, go now it died down!" he said. We ran down the alley and into a bar that was at the end of it. We got there and peeked around to see our surroundings.

After 5 minutes we got bored and went back. I will never forget that day we got stuck in the hurricane in Tampa Bay.

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