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Arlene Alda. Iris Has a Virus
Tundra $20.99 ISBN 978-0-88776-844-6  24 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Irisí best friends in class were absent.

Jake was out and so was Sam,
Ellie, too, along with Pam.

Mrs Morgan had said, ďThereís a nasty stomach virus going around. Wash your hands well, especially when you get home from school.Ē

Irisís classmates are sick at home and then Iris catches the bug, too.  Iris feels funny and she has a fever. When Irisí parents tell her she has a bug called a germ, Irisí imagination as she tries to picture the bug becomes more and more exciting.  But, like everyone else, Iris gets better and then someone else gets it.

Iris Has a Virus, by Arlene Alda and illustrated by Lisa Desimini, is a story with cute images that perfectly suit the book. Lisa Desimini has created images with her paper-collage style that bring it to life. Iris Has a Virus tell Irisí experience with the flu and how you get over it in time. With small rhyming sections, Irisís story shows that the flu isnít something scary.  The story shows the doctor isnít something to be afraid of. 

A four-star picture book, Iris Has a Virus is appropriate for ages 4-9.


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