Will, Age 12, Easton, CT

“One New York Lottery, please,” Maria asked the cashier. The cashier walked towards all the lottery tickets and ripped the ticket out. The jackpot of the lottery was 30 million dollars. She looked at the numbers and they were 7, 26, 57, and 23. Her favorite number was one of those which is 23 because her idol was the ultimate Michael Jordan.

Maria needed the money. She works three jobs and she needs to pay two college tuitions. She was also a widow. Her husband, Jack, was killed in a car accident. With that money she could buy a new car. She still has her first car an beat-up 1969 Oldsmobile. Her apartment is even worse. The ceiling has mold on it, the floors are creaking and there are termites everywhere. Also, they can barley afford food and drinks. She only goes to the grocery store when the pantry and the refrigerator are spotless. She also can’t even afford a toothbrush and toothpaste. So she goes to the shopping mart and opens a toothpaste container and steals a little toothpaste and brushes with her finger.

Maria arrived at her apartment after her shift at a local restaurant. She sat down on her chair in front of the radio. She was waiting for the six o’clock news because they announce the winning lottery numbers. The clock turned to six and the news tuned in.
“You are listening to 79.9 News Channel 6 radio station. Here are the New York Lottery winning numbers. The numbers are 7, 26, 57, and…” Maria got the first three numbers, could she get the next one?

“... 23” the radioman said. Maria couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“I WON, I WON, I WON, I am RICH. I can do everything I could do anything I couldn’t do now! I can pay off the bills and I wont have any loans to pay!” screamed the amazed Maria. She ran down stairs to the pay phone. She put in the quarters and dialed a number.


“Mike, I won the lottery!” Maria said.

“MOM! HOW MUCH?” Mike, one of Maria’s sons, asked his mother.

“I don’t know yet. Call your brother and tell him. I will call you when I find out how much money I get,” Maria told her son.

“OK mom,” Mike replied. They ended the call. She grabbed her keys in her pocket and went to the store where she bought the ticket. She walked to the counter with all the lottery tickets. She handed over the ticket to the lady.

“YOU WON!!” said the cashier, “Let's see how much you are going to get.” The cashier got on the phone. She was listening to this man and soon she hung up. “Congrats you are the only person that turned in the ticket! You just got 30 million dollars richer! Your money is being shipped to your house.”

“Thank you,” Maria told the cashier. She wasn’t happier in her life than today. When Maria got home she called her son Mike and told him how much money she was going to get.

After she was finished talking to Mike she thought of all the things that she could do with 30 million dollars. The first thing she thought of that she wouldn’t have any financial problems anymore. Then she could move into a nice house with a pool and a huge yard. Another thing she thought of was that she could finally buy a nice, new car. And lastly she could also retire after 50 years of hard working.

The next day when she went to her mailbox there was an envelope. It was for her, Maria Fancelli. And the heading read, New York Lottery with the address and all that stuff. She went up the elevator and opened it while she was going up. It was a check written out to Maria Fancelli for 30 million dollars. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She has never seen such a big check in her life. Later that day she went to her bank to put all the money in her account. Her wish became true…she is a millionaire.

Ever since she won the lottery she has been the happiest person in the whole world. She doesn’t have to worry about anything.

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