My Magic Medicine
Neve, Age 8, Vancouver, BC

I wanted to make a special medicine so I could fly. The only problem was that I didn’t know how to make the medicine. So I went to a library to find a book.

I looked through many different books and finally found one. It had an old leather cover that was tattered in places. It looked well read. I took it out.

The second I got home I started to read. When I opened the book the pages were all torn and some were even missing. I looked for the ingredients. They were: toilet water, dust, pollen, foam from a fire extinguisher, lead, ink, erasers and . . . the last ingredient had been torn off the page! Oh no, I thought. How am I going to make the medicine? I was determined to find that last ingredient.

I jumped on my bike and raced back to the library. The librarian was a creepy old woman with grey hair. Her eyes shone like yellow cats' eyes in the dim-lit library. All my friends were scared of her, including me, but this time I wasn’t. I ran in. When I got to the front desk I took a deep breath, and asked an assistant for the librarian. She came.

I asked, “Do you keep pieces of paper that have been torn off books?”

“Of course not,” she said.

I was very discouraged.

“But,” she said, “I might be able to help you if I know what book piece you’re looking for.”

So I told her. The only sounds that came from her mouth when I was telling her my story were “Mm” and “Ah.” When I finished, she said she could help me.

She told me to follow her, so I did. She took me down many stairs. I was very tired when we stopped. I collapsed into a heap on the only chair there was.

In front of me was a huge box with dials on it. I asked, “What’s that?”

As I was admiring the box, she said, “It’s a time machine.”

“Wow!” was all that came out of my mouth. When I finally got my breath back I asked, “What’s it for?”

“Well,” the librarian said, “when something from a book is missing I go back in time and find the book before it had been ripped or torn.”

I gasped, “That’s what it’s for?”

The librarian nodded.

“S-so,” I stammered. “You’re going to take me back in time?”

“Yes,” she said. “Meet me here tomorrow at twelve o’clock and we’ll go.”

. . .

When I woke up that morning I was so excited. It seemed like it took forever. Finally it was time. I rushed to the library just taking one bite out of my grilled cheese sandwich. I tore down all the stairs at the library. When I got to the bottom the librarian was waiting for me.

We stepped into the time machine. The librarian pressed a couple of buttons and the time machine started whirling up and down. When it stopped, it was pitch black. The librarian turned on the lights. When I saw what was outside the window it looked magical.

The librarian said, “Welcome to the Land of Magic.” We stepped out into a beautiful world where the bushes and trees looked like they were made of gold.
The land was the most stunning thing that I had ever seen.

Through great oak doors I saw the biggest library of all. We went inside and walked along the many shelves. The books looked marvellous with all their bright colours. There were all sizes of books – big, small and in the middle. We got straight to work.
The librarian of the Land of Magic asked us if we needed any help. We told her that we were looking for a book to make one of us fly. She showed us where the book was. We took it out. We looked at it. The last ingredient was frog hearts! We stepped back into the time machine and went back into our time.

. . .

I went home and got all the ingredients: toilet water, dust, pollen, foam from a fire extinguisher, lead, ink, erasers and frog hearts. I put them all into a pot and stirred. I bent over to smell it and started to sneeze from the pollen. When I stirred more it turned a grey foamy colour. I took out a little jug and poured some into it. I poured a little into my mouth.

At first nothing happened. Then I started to lift off the ground. Flying was an exquisite feeling! I flew over to the library. I thanked the librarian and she said, “It’s just a secret between you and me.”

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