The Night of the Mummies
Gisel, Age 13, Dos Palos, CA

It all started the summer of 2007. My cousin Gloria, Cindy my Golden Retriever named Hutch and I where headed for Egypt in a plane to discover the next greatest treasure. As we got off the plane we saw big pyramids and a lot of people. They were heading to the Nile River to get some water. I was happy to be in Egypt but it was too hot. And it hadn’t rained in a while. You could tell because most of the crops were drying out.

That same night around midnight every one of us was so anxious we couldn’t wait till the next day we decided to go that night. We were destined to find something, we just knew it. Gloria said, “Isn’t it going to be dangerous?

Cindy and I said "Let's GO!"

Hutch even gave her that mad look. She said “OK, let's go”.

We went into a pyramid not knowing what we were going to find. As we went inside we saw a sign that said “GO AWAY OR BE CURSED!” We weren’t scared. As we went in we went in more and more we found a mysterious crown that belonged to King Tut.

Then all of the sudden we heard something.

Cindy said “ It's nothing.”

But then we heard it again. We looked around - still nothing. Then we saw it" the most ugliest mummy I had ever looked at. It was big and stiff but not stiff enough. Hutches tried barking at the mummy. It did not faze him at all.

Then we saw not one not two not three but four mummies. I thought to myself am I dreaming. I closed my eyes then opened them again. No it was not a dream. We ran. They were saying something about the crown. Cindy and Gloria raised the crown up and the mummies got really mad. I thought to myself it’s the crown that had powerful powers that brought the mummies back from the dead.

We were all so scared we ran away and never ever went to Egypt again it was the scariest day of our lives and we all SURVIVED!!!!

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