Never To Be Forgotten
Christie, Age 13, Easton, CT

He’s just a boy…

Nothing to get excited about.
But on the other side of this boy
He holds the key to my heart.
Lost memorizes, fun summer days.
Never to be forgotten

I still wonder if this boy thinks about me?
Because I know I still think about him.
I will never lose the key to his heart,
I'm the only one who has it, he told me so.

Without you my life is not whole, it feels so empty.
Without you my day is not complete,
Even my smile is different.
Without you my life is changing.

Having no one to talk to or hang out with,
No one to hug, or hold hands with.
Walk to class with, and turn to when confused.
Call when bored, or to smile at.

What do you say to that?
You’re the smile that’s on my face.
I think of you all the time, you're in my dreams.
I think I know what they mean.

My heart knows this is real.
Life would never be the same without you!
What do you say to that?

Here laying beside you,
Wrapped in your arms so tight,
Is the only place I want to be.

I have fallen for you,
That’s a fact.
My heart knows this is real,
What do you say to that?

What happened between us?
We were perfect for each other:
Holding hands, out all night,
Never wanted to let go!

You would wait for me at my house.
While I got ready.
Sharing our secrets under the stars.
What happen to all of that?

You told me that we would still be friends,
But you knew I wanted more than that.
Who would have though you'd leave me?

After those months with each other,
It doesn’t make sense.
I thought that we would last forever,
How things are suppose to be,
Is this how it should be.
Never to be forgotten.

We live so far away,
I wished forever our hearts would stay,
We drifted each and every day.
Never to be forgotten.

He’s just a boy!

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