All Kids Twelve and Up Should Have a Cell Phone
Lucy, Age 13, Easton, CT

Cell phones, some people believe, are only for adults. They think the only reason kids want cell phones is to talk to their friends. On the contrary, cell phones serve a higher purpose. Cell phones are important for all children twelve and up because cell phones can keep you safe. Cell phones allow you to communicate during an emergency, help you if you get lost, and keep you in contact with your parents. The main reason kids 12 and up should have a cell phone is safety reasons.

For instance there have been many times when power goes out during a storm. Most homes have phones that need electricity to function. If you have a cell phone then you can call emergency personnel if there is a fire or other emergency. Without a cell phone you would not be able to call anyone. If you are in a car and you have an accident or a flat tire, instead of being stranded on the road or having to walk to the nearest phone, which may or may not be close by, you can use a cell phone to call for help. Another situation that cell phones are useful is if you should miss the bus or if you happen to get off the bus and no one is home and you donít have a house key. It may be dangerous for you to be waiting alone so a cell phone provides you the opportunity to call someone and be safe.

Another way it is a great safety tool is you happen to go to the mall or a fair with your friends or family and for some reason you get separated, if you have a cell phone you can call them and let them know where you are so they can find you.

Cell phones are good to have is when you are at school late for a dance or a concert with one of your friends you can almost guarantee that the office will be closed and then you wonít have a phone to use. If you have a cell phone then you can call whoever you need and they can come and get you, that way you can assure to yourself that you will get home safely. Cell phones also allow you to keep in communication with your parents. For instance if you need to stay late to clean up after the dance, or you would like to go home to a friends house, a cell phone may be used to call your parents so they are aware of any change of plans and/or may be contacted for approval.

Lastly, some parents think that if kids get a cell phone the radiation will harm their body. Some European scientists said that to show conclusively that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones and power lines can affect human cells at energy levels generally considered harmless. Unless you talk on a cell phone or strap it to yourself for over 6-7 hours it is just fine.

In conclusion, cell phones can allow you to be in communication with others when a phone is not available. Cell phones may be fun to chat endlessly with friends, but they keep you safe too. This is why kids 12 and up need a cell phone for safety reasons. This will keep them safe.

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