A Glass Full of Poison
Kristin, Age 12, Easton, CT

For so long people have smoked. They donít even understand what the consequences for trying to be ďcoolĒ are. They donít even know that over 443,000 people die from smoking. People have the right to harm themselves, but the people who donít want to be harmed are because of the people who are smoking. Smoking should be illegal. It is unhealthy and disgusting. Itís not only bad for your health but for your appearance too. Some people say itís enjoyable but I think itís a waste of time and space. People who donít even smoke can be harmed or killed by second-hand smoke.

Second-hand smoke is very serious. Everyone is harmed by it. Many people think that second-hand smoke isnít going to harm them if theyíre not the one smoking. What they donít know is that second-hand smoke has been proven to kill people. Over 3,000 people have been killed from second-hand smoke last year.

Some say smoking is enjoyable. I say smoking is a waste of their time. Smokers should try to find a different hobby other than smoking. For example, they should play basketball or collect stamps, but anything other than smoking. Smoking is not the only hobby out there. Besides, if people continue smoking, thinking it is fun, there is a chance for a higher death rate, which is my prediction. A lot of smokers think that smoking is enjoyable, but they donít know what happens on the inside of their bodies when they smoke and what the health risks are.

Smoking isnít healthy for you. The most common disease you get when you smoke is lung cancer. It is proven that you can detect lung cancer without going to see a doctor. Lung cancer gives this whistle in your breathing. Lung cancer wonít kill you but the risk is very high. When people who smoke go to a physical they have to see a movie on why smoking is unhealthy. This is a movie that no one wants to see.

Health problems arenít the only thing affected, looks are too. I interviewed, my sister and she quotes, ďWhen I see someone who smokes they look horrible. If I were older I would not marry a guy who smokes.Ē She states that smoking makes you unappealing and she is right. ďSmoking can cause you to have a hole in your throat.Ē says Dr. Baker. This hole can be caused by one thing and that is trouble with your breathing. Mostly the people who smoke donít get married because of their looks.

In conclusion, smoking isnít just hurting the smoker it can also hurt you. Smoking to some people is enjoyable but not to everyone. Some people think it is gross. Not everyone wants to become unhealthy because when you smoke you can have serious health problems. There are many solutions, but you might not be as healthy as you were before you started smoking. Smoking is a risk to take, but not a very good one.

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