The Populars
Jessica, Age 12, Easton, CT

My name is Sarah Larch and I go to Warren High school with a girl named Jienie Bangle. We are both sophomores at Warren. Jienie is the most popular girl in the whole school. She is 5'5”, with tons of friends. Actually, she just has her clique. They were called the Populars. The group consists of all her best and rich friends. First is Lori, her neighbor and her best friend since pre-k. Then comes Nikki, her next best friend; whose father just happens to be the number one celebrity agent. Next is Claire who is also her friend, but she really doesn’t want to admit it because she is almost as pretty, rich and popular as Jienie. And lastly, there are Chloe and Zoe who are identical twins. Everyone in the group does everything that Jienie tells them to do, except for Claire. Jienie is clearly the leader in the group; nobody can get in without Jienie’s approval. The group has rules, and they are strict. They wear certain colors on certain days of the week, and many other ridiculous rules like that. Everyone in school looks up to them like they are goddesses. And no doubt about it, everyone wants to be just like them. They are all perfect in every way.

Jienie is also the captain of the cheerleading team. All her other friends in the clique are on the squad too, and they all help her choose new teammates for the squad. However, rarely do they choose anyone new, they just stick with the clique as the entire team. But I swear that this year is going to be different. I am definitely going to get on that squad! I practiced so hard this year, because at tryouts last year I didn’t make it. This is my plan: I would get on the squad, and then since there are practices every day I would be hanging out with them a lot, and that would help me become part of their group. It is the perfect plan and I am so excited about it!

Before I knew it, tryout day was here and I had tons of butterflies in my stomach. The gym suddenly became silent as the clique walked in already in a triangular formation, and of course Jienie was at the point.. The tryouts official began when Jienie yelled out, “Okay girls we will now begin our cheerleading tryouts.” It felt like I was waiting for hours, when in reality it was only really about twenty minutes. Half the girls that came here to try out for cheerleading had already left because they were intimidated by the frequent giggles and “NEXT,” that came from Jienie, Lori, Claire, Chloe, and Zoe. But not me, I was going to stick it out unlike those other girls who just gave up. Plus, I knew that my routine was flawless and it would definitely get me in. I was extremely confident about my routine, until I unexpectedly froze when I heard my name being called by a high pitched voice. I guess it is my turn now, this is the moment I have been waiting for. I slowly walked up replaying my routine in my head. Okay I thought to myself, I know this. I was finally standing in front of them about to do my routine. “What track” Lori yelled to me.

“Twenty-eight, CD number six,” I shouted back at her.

“Okay, let’s see what you got” she yelled back to me. The music started playing and I jumped into my routine. Double back handspring, back tuck, front aerial, and it went on and on. Their mouths dropped open in astonishment! Not even one giggle or whisper, only “WOW’s!” For my final trick I did a back full twist into a right leg split. The clique was clapping so loud that a few teachers came running into the gym to see what was going on. ”Well, that was pretty good,” Jienie said in a somewhat sarcastic voice.

“Thanks” I said. Wow, I was excited that my plan seemed to actually be working. I’ll be a part of that clique in no time at all I thought to myself.

By the end of tryouts I was the only person they asked to stay after. I was hopeful that this meant that I made the squad. I walked up to them slowly and scared, and in a shaky voice I said “yes,” to them.

“Well, we don’t normally do this often but… we want you to join our team,” said Jienie.

“Really, thank you, I’m so excited! WOW! I won’t let you guys down, I promise.” I said in astonishment. My plan is actually working!

“You do know that this doesn’t mean that you’re in our group or anything like that, right?” Chloe and Zoe said simultaneously.

“Oh yeah, I know that,” I answered back at the twins.

“Good,” Nikki said trying to act cool.

“Bye,” I said cheerfully.

“Next practice is Friday,” they all called out to me.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” I walked out as fast as I could because I couldn’t wait to get out of there so that I could scream out of happiness.

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