A Day to Remember
Bryce, Age 13, Easton, CT

The morning breeze was so pleasant. It sailed through my long blond hair as I gazed at the baby blue sky. The sun was blistering hot and the trees were green as grass swaying in the breeze. Mornings in Hawaii were always this way, but this one was even better. It was the perfect temperature that I loved and wished would never disappear. Today was perfect, but would make history for something other than the weather. Something so bad, and so horrible, that it would be remembered in history for hundreds of years to come.

As I was enjoying the beautiful morning, I noticed that a ton of birds started to fly away from the ocean onto mainland. I knew something was causing this disruption, so I jumped out of my hammock and ran to my bedroom for a better look. My mom was preparing breakfast and said, “ Whoa! Where are you going Sean?” I was too busy running so I blurted out, “ Uhh, to get my jacket?”

As I reached my bedroom, I could hear a low rumble and a giant black wave of something coming straight at me. As it got closer, I could just make out that it was hundreds of planes. It was odd because usually our Navy planes don’t test fly on the Sabbath. Also there were too many to be test flying at such an early hour. Then I saw it. I screamed in horror and curiosity as I saw the Japanese emblems painted on the planes.

I darted downstairs and yelled, “Mom, Mom, the Japanese are going to bomb us!” My mom didn’t believe me, but a second later the air raid sirens went off, and Japanese planes flew overhead. “Sean, Sean, go get out of here! Go! Get to the bomb shelter,” my mom said.

As we began to run to the bomb shelter, she suddenly ran back to get the dog. When I turned back to look, a huge ball of flame and glass shot out of the house and all around I felt a huge explosion. The heat singed my eyebrows. As badly as I wanted to crawl up in a ball and mourn for my mother, I had a new motivation - revenge. Instead of running to the shelter, I hopped on my bike and pedaled for Nelson Air Force Base.
Approaching the airway, I could see the devastation, burning houses, bombs flying everywhere, and giant gaping holes in the runway. The smoke burned my eyes and nose, and filled my eyes with tears. My vision was a blur, but I needed to do this for my mother. I finally made it to the hangar with one thought in mind; to get in one of those F4U Corsair navy planes and fight. My dad was a fighter pilot in World War One and taught me how to fly. I was ready for what I had to do, even though I was only sixteen.
There was such chaos that I managed to secure a plane. I quickly took off before anyone saw. I broke through the cloud line and joined an American attack group. A voice crackled over the radio, “Japanese approaching!”

We quickly engaged in battle. I glanced at the ground and saw Pearl Harbor on fire, ships sinking, and disabled planes. I wasn’t paying any attention to the air, when suddenly machinegun fire spat at me. I quickly maneuvered and did a giant barrel roll, a full 360 degrees. Now I was behind the Japanese fighter. I put my hand on the trigger and pulled. I aimed right at the fighter and yelled, “This is for my mom!” I let go and saw the plane flame up and crash. I heard on the radio again, “ Japanese pulling back!” I was in so much joy that I was safe for now. My attack group turned and we headed back for the base. I felt so much joy and couldn’t believe our luck. The joy of my success was short lived, when I thought about the loss of my mother. I knew a greater battle was coming, but I was safe for now.

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