Sarah's Stars

Ann Chandler. Siena Summer
Tradewind $12.95  ISBN 978-1-896580-17-3  142 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

As they rounded the bend a third time, she watched Catarina's hand close around her scarf.  Storm's gentle canter brought them closer... closer...closer. Suddenly Angela saw the orange scarf fly up and flutter. Storm's muscles bunched beneath her and his front legs left the ground.  Angela felt herself sliding sideways and heard Storm's frightened whinny.  In an instant, she thudded onto the ground, and a jarring pain stabbed her shoulder.

When Angela arrives in Italy to visit her uncle, she meets a beautiful but temperamental horse named Tempesta, who Angela calls Storm in English.  She sees him run and is certain that if he raced in the Palio, a race that decides honour, he could win.  But is Angela willing to put her heart and maybe her life on the line for her new friend Tempesta?

Ann Chandler paints a vibrant and colourful picture of Italy's lively people. I liked this book's main character's persistence and enjoyed following her story.  I think that the image her story gives is positive and that if you believe in something, you can do it. 

I give Siena Summer three stars and suggest it for readers 12 and up.


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