Jennifer, Age 16, Orlando, FL

I do not love you
because of the carefulness
by which you treat me,
or your gifts of love.

I love you because
of the soothing feeling
that I get to enjoy and savor
when I am with you.

Your soothing voice as you
tell me goodnight as you
kiss me good morning.
Soothing as a motherís voice to her child.

So soothing that when
your whispered words reach me,
millions of butterflies
flutter their wings by my ear.

Soothing as water drops
of spring showers
splashing against
my window pane.

I love you because of
your soothing heartbeat
under my hand, lain
across your chest.

Your soothing breaths
so soothing that when
you breathe in I exhale
and when you exhale I breathe in.

So soothing that we
act together as one.
So soothing that when I close
my eyes it is you who sees for me.

I do not love you
as if you were my loving man.
I love you because
you are my soothing calm.

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