The Store
Andre, Age 13, Dos Palos, CA

In 1998 a boy named Dan and his friend went to a store to go buy a new xbox360. When they went to the store there were only two people there with guns in their pockets. They went to go see what was wrong. When they got to the strangers, they asked them,

“Are you guys going to open the store?”

They said, “No, we are going to rob it.”

Then Dan said, “We are going to call the police.”

The strangers said, “No, you guys can't say anything.”

Dan said, “Yes we can.”

Then the strangers took them and tied them up with ropes and put duct tape on their lips. They threw his friend in the store’s basement. After two long hours Dan and his friend heard a loud noise, like “Bam!” It sounded like they slammed the front doors.

The strangers had finally left.

They tried to unknot the ropes. Dan said to his friend dig in my pocket to get my knife so we can cut the ropes. Dan's friend said "I got it!" They cut the ropes and they got out of the basement and walked around the store to see if the strange people that locked them up in the basement were still there.

Both of them heard something so they climbed a ladder and saw the bad robbers. Dan an his friend jumped off the ladder on to the robbers heads. They tied them up and put tape on their mouth and call the cops and they were never seen again!

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