The Storm
John, Age 12, Easton, CT

“Ugh! When are we going to get out of Pennsylvania?” my brother asked. We were driving to my grandparents house in Michigan. The trip would take about twelve hours and we were currently seven hours in. Everyone was in a good mood because we had just finished watching our favorite movie of all time, Happy Gilmore. Then, the sign that I now dread, came into my sight. It said, “Welcome to Ohio.” We all cheered thankfully, but that would all change very soon.

About ten minutes later we heard some rumbles and saw some light rain. All of the sudden, there I was, in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. The winds were blowing at hurricane speeds. I thought the car would tip over from the wind. It was pitch black out, and rain was falling so hard, I thought it would break my mom's windshield. When thunder struck it sounded like a ton of TNT exploding all at once. BOOM! BOOM! My brother was shivering and tears of fear ran down his face. It seemed like it had been raining for years, when it had not even been an hour. My eyes peered to the left as I saw a car that had wiped out. The rain was pour so hard and fast that it even carried it's front bumper right into a ditch! My mom decided to pull over and wait under the next overpass. I noticed that people had set up 15 foot metal poles to distract the large vicious flashes of lightening from doing any damage. The lightening show I witnessed that day was like nothing I had ever seen before. There were ten to fifteen flashes of light going in every which direction all at one time. It felt like I was watching the New York City 4th of July fireworks display. As scary as the storm was, it was a fascinating sight to see. The roads were flooded with about two inches of rain and police cars were blocking off almost every exit. The lightening grew in strength with every strike. I felt cold from the wind that managed to seep in through the vents and door jams of the car and I started to shiver. Would this storm ever end? Would we ever be able to get out? Are we going to crash? I just closed my eyes and waited for all of it to come to an end.

My mom decided to cautiously continue our trip. Once we had gone past another three exits, the weather calmed down just as quickly as it had raised havoc. I couldn't believe that once we saw our beloved sign “Michigan Welcomes You” that the sun was actually shining! Before we knew it, we had reached our destination. I was so happy to see my grandparents. After my grandma hugged me she said, “I have so many stories to tell you.” I just laughed and said, “ Yeah, but I bet none of them top the story we have to tell you!”

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