Steven, Age 12, Easton, CT

Since the dawn of the automobile, humans have loved the S.U.V. The intensity of the power, muscle, speed, and all terrain power that make these cars better, but if you live in the United States you might think twice. Since our country is addicted to oil and doesn’t have alternative methods of fuel. These gas guzzlers can really eat your wallet while you pump up the gas.

Since this oil crisis started many S.U.V. owners are switching to smaller gas saving cars. This would be just fine, but these cars lack seating, storage, and four wheels drive that s.u.v’s offered them. Some attempted to use the hybrid cars that have recently come out. The catch is that they are extremely expensive.

The Hummer 1 is an enormous car that pollutes and eats gas like no other (12 mpg). Upon learning this, the company created H2 and H3 smaller and more compacted hummers which are still highly successful.

If you still want a S.U.V. and don’t want to go with a “hybrid”, then you should consider going with an alternative, more compact S.U.V. until the oil crisis is over.

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