Sarah's Stars

Cary Fagan. Thing-Thing
Tundra $20.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-839-2  32 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

Follow a stuffed animalís story through the air, from the top of a building, down to the ground. How can a toy prevent being thrown out a window? Now, falling through the air, its encounters drag you into the world of a stuffed toy. What will happen to this berated toy named Thing-Thing?

Adorable. That is possibly the only word that I can use for such an absolutely adorable childrenís story! I am more than positive that with the use of colour and creativity that most children will find themselves intrigued with the thoughts of this stuffed toy. The aspect that I enjoyed the most while reading this book was the point of view that it was written. There were two different points every other page, and it makes the story intellectual, although simplistic enough for younger readers. To add to the fact that you are drawn in, the placement and the size of the font match the story perfectly, I believe. The attractive angles at which the writing goes is appealing to the eyes. Children would love to see where the words are going. I personally believe that the younger school grades would enjoy having this book read to them. The colours and the illustrations hold your gaze and your interest. Thing-Thing is recommended for children ages four and up. It is a heart-warming little story that reads well for bedtime.

I give Thing-Thing five falling stars out of five.


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