Mont Tremblant
Carrie, Age 12, Easton, CT

In 2004 I went to an amazing place, called Mont Tremblant. Everything about this place was great. The skiing, the village, and how my family just connected when we were there. I have gone there every other year since then and every time I go it gets better.

When I go to Mont Tremblant I go in the winter, so I go skiing. Yes, it is freezing, but it is still so much fun. First of all, the hotel where we stayed we stayed was so close to the slopes that you could walk there. Even though there are not that many trails you could ski all day going on the same fun trails and you would never get tired of them. Even though it is so sold I love to take the really long chair lift ride all the way up to the top of the mountain which is the coldest part. There is a little place to get hot chocolate and we usually have a fun little snow ball fight and then we are off skiing again. I have to say though, the skiing isnít always the greatest, but it is so much fun!
Like I said before the village is about a yard away from the mountain. In the village they have so many things. They have great stores like Roots and North Face. They also have great restaurants, but one of the best things is this place called Beaver Tails where they sell these things called beaver tails that are kind of like fried dough except better! On the beaver tails you can put anything from cinnamon to peanut butter and nuts. Some other great places are the pottery place, the candy shop, and this place where they have a barrel of ice and the pour a strip of maple syrup on it and once it is a little bit frozen you twirl it around a popsicle stick! It is called frozen maple syrup and it is the best thing ever invented! Another favorite place is the pool. The pool is fantastic! It has so many great things like basketball hoops, bridges going over the pool, hot tubs, and my favorite, the Tarzan rope! The village is so much fun!

Another thing that I love about Mont Tremblant is how my family always gets along when we are there. We never seem to fight like we do at home. We do so many fun things together, like going to store together, skiing together, or swimming together. One of my favorite things that we did last time we went there is my brothers and I went out, got our dinner, went to the candy shop and got some fudge for dessert, and we brought the food back to our hotel. While the five of us ate the food we played board games like Taboo and Scattegories that we brought from home. It was so much fun and I canít wait to do it again!

That is why I love Mont Tremblant. I am going again this year and I canít wait. Except this year there is a little twist. Instead of just going the five of us my cousins are coming too which should be extra fun!

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