School Uniforms
Marissa, Age 12, Easton, CT

Most students aren’t crazy about the idea of having uniforms. I believe our public schools should have uniforms for many important reasons. There would be less bullying, less distractions, and give the principal more free time.

It’s easy to see why students would be angry; however, it would be a safer learning environment if uniforms were worn. For example, kids won’t get teased for what they wear or how they dress. Especially the less fortunate kids who can’t afford brand name clothing. Also, the school would have a better reputation for new students. Also, if kids don’t feel comfortable going to school and getting bullied then their parents would transfer them. Despite the fact that the kids can’t express their feelings, there would be less bullying. The students will also be able to learn more and not worry about getting teased.

In addition, having uniforms will end distractions. The boys and girls won’t get distracted for inappropriate dressing from the opposite gender. Fore example, low cut shirts, tank tops, and baggy pants that boys wear. Also, all the students would look the same with appropriate clothing. There also wouldn’t be any competition between the students. Fore example, some students like to have the latest trend and get angry when some one else gets the newest accessory or clothing before they get it. There also wouldn’t be any competition between the students. In 1996 president Clinton quoted, “If it means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms.” Also, Virginia Draa, an assistant professor at Youngstown State University did a study and came to the conclusion that uniforms improved attendance, graduation, and suspension rates.

Having a uniform policy would benefit the students and the principal as well. For example, the principal would have more free time not going over the dress code a thousand times a day. If we have uniforms we won’t even have a dress code. Also, there wouldn’t be inappropriate dressing like short skirts or shorts, low cut shirts, sleeveless shirts, and boy’s pants hanging too low. There fore kids would not get sent to the principal’s office. So, the principal would have more free time to relax.

In conclusion, uniforms would be good for the principal and the students. The school would have a better reputation for upcoming students. Also, there would be fewer distractions, a safer learning environment, and no inappropriate dressing. Therefore I strongly believe uniforms a great idea and for the best of everyone.

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