The Old Western
Justin, Age 14, Dos Palos, CA

It all started around 1940 to 1950 in a little old western town named Mayberry. Tracy and I where sitting outside of the jail waiting for something or someone to do something bad because that was our jobs being sheriffs. As we walked around seeing what everyone was doing, we where making sure no one was killing or taking other peoples stuff and running away with it. My dad’s old hound dog named Roper was anxious and ready for something to happen.

The next morning Tracy and I went for our daily walk to make sure everything is going ok. There were two guys that we have to watch all the time because they are really bad trouble makers in this town but they haven’t done anything for awhile. So Tracy and I thought they might be planning something really bad to do. The bank has not been robed for a long time. We are always watching the bank now so no one will rob it. They are named Billy and Tom, they make so much trouble in Mayberry that it makes our job harder to do but we have to keep working hard to make our town better. Tracy went for a walk around the bank to see if it’s ok. I stayed at the jail to make sure no one lets people in the jail out free. Then Tracy came back and then I went for my daily walks around the bank and I saw two guys that looked like Billy and Tom. “This is not good,” I said so I ran back to the jail to get Tracy to come help me with the bank. Tracy stayed outside and walked in and said, ”What do we have here?”

“Billy and Tom” I say.

Billy said “yes and we're here to rob the bank!” So Tracy came in to help me get them but they ran away from us.

The next day Clint Eastward came to the jail to tell us that it was Billy and Tom at the bank last night. Tracy said “yes I know we're going to find them today and lock them up for life.” So Tracy and I got on our horses and rode off to find them and we saw two people by the creek and I walked down to see who it was and yep it was Billy and Tom so Tracy came from behind them to catch them and he got Billy and tied him up and Tom ran so I chased him, and got him and tied him up. So Tracy and I went back the jail to put them in for life. That was a long night. The next morning we woke up and went to the jail to see if they where still in. Then we went for a walk to tell everyone that it is all ok now. So Mayberry was nice and good now Billy and Tom are in jail.

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