The Williamsport Trip
Zach, Age 12, Easton, CT

“Now batting for the Queen Dominators Derek Hester.” said the announcer.

While I stepped up to the plate I kept my fingers loose like always and swung at the first pitch which had to be at least 70 mph. The ball carried down the left field line and went foul. The next pitch that came in was a changeup that was thrown a good 55 mph for strike two. It was a 0-2 count the pitch was high heat, up and in, and I drove it to deep left center field. The ball carried and carried until it cleared the Dunkin Donuts sign in left by a good twenty feet. My first home run in the regional, I thought while I was rounding the bases in Bristol CT. I got pounded at the plate by my teammates and then we all went back into the dugout.

Now it was the bottom of the sixth with two down we were up 1-0 in the regional final. We had two down but now we needed to face big Tim Rodriguez who clubbed 15 home runs this season. The first pitch from Bobby was a curveball for a strike. The next pitch was pounded to deep left center and I was thinking this could tie the game until Johnny robs a home run that would have evened the game by making an amazing catch at the wall..

“WE’RE GOING TO WILLIAMSPORT!” yelled Bobby, as we all piled up on the pitcher’s mound and celebrated.

“I’m so excited, dude. We are leaving in two days.” said Derek

“I know and I finally get to sleep in my bed but only for one night” said Johnny.

While we all got back on the bus I looked in the back and saw tears going down Johnny’s eyes. “What’s wrong, game saver?”

“I really want my mom to come on the trip with us.” said Johnny

“Why won’t she?” Derek asked anxiously.

“Business” said Johnny.

It was quiet the whole way home.

“Hi buddy,” said my dad as I was just waking up on a bright July morning in Queens which I haven’t seen in a week and smelled the New York City smell of Burger King and McDonalds mixed together. I looked out the window and saw the usual taxis and cars zooming down the road and saw the Burger King right across the street from me. But on the side walk I see Johnny walking and kicking the soda bottles on the city ground. I quickly ran downstairs flipped on my shoes and ran out the door to go see him. He was on the other block by the time I reached the street. I ran looking both ways before crossing the street. “Wait up Johnny!” I yelled but then he just started running. As I was walking back to my house I was wondering why was Johnny so upset about his mom not going on the trip. When I walked back in the house my mom asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I said “French toast please.”

While she was making my French toast I went upstairs to my room and started playing MLB 2k8 the most modern baseball video game on Xbox 360. I was playing my most intense game yet Yankees vs. Red Sox. It might seem weird but I was a Yankee fan even though I live in Queens where the Mets play.

“Breakfast is ready” said my mom.

I ran downstairs and started munching on my French toast. During breakfast we were talking about why Johnny was so upset. I wish there was something I could do to make him feel better. After breakfast I went to get packed for tomorrow’s trip. I packed my tooth brush, floss, comb, baseball pants, baseball uniform and extra clothes just to wear around. The rest of the day I just hung out and watched TV and played Xbox 360.

I woke up the next morning at 11:00 got dressed, ate breakfast got my bag and my Dad and I were off to the bus to go to Williamsport. On the bus I went to sit with Johnny.

“Hey dog” I said.

“Hi” Johnny mumbled quietly.

“It’s going to be all right” I slowly muttered.

“I know, now let’s go to Williamsport and have fun,” gasped Johnny.

“You’re ok?” I yelped.

“Ya” bellowed Johnny.

On the bus ride Johnny looked still a little upset while we entered New Jersey. I fell asleep on the bus for the next 2 hours and then woke up and we were an hour away. I thought to myself that went quick. The next hour flew by while we were all fooling around on the bus and singing songs.

“We’re here, Derek” yelled Bobby.

I couldn’t wait to see what the complex looked like. As I got off the bus I looked and saw the two biggest little league stadiums I had ever seen in my life. Coach led us to our dorm. It was awesome it had a TV, and Xbox 360.

Coach shouted “Kids, what bats do you want? You all can get whatever bat you want for free because Little League supplies you each with bats.”

“Sweet!” I said. I told coach I wanted a DeMarini Cf3.

We got our shoes on and headed to the cafeteria. I had a cheese burger and fries with a Pepsi. During dinner Randy said “Are you guys psyched for our game tomorrow?”

“Ya!” our whole team shouted.

“Who are we playing?” I asked.

“South East.” Bobby called back.

“Nice.” I wailed back.

After dinner we all went back into the dorms for a while and then got to go down to the canteen for dessert, they had almost any candy you can imagine. After we ate, we went back to the dorm.

“Time for bed,” coach groaned.

“We have a huge game tomorrow guys,” he added. We all went to bed quietly and fell asleep.

“Wake up all stars!” coach yelled.

“Why do we need to get up at 7?” mumbled Derek when the rest of the team was walking around like zombies.

“We have to go to practice; we have a game at 12 pm today,” coach Wailed back.

At practice, we all hung out and worked our butts off on hitting. I hit one two hopper up against the 225 ft fence. Our last batter for practice is Bobby and his first pitch was drilled to left and then banged up against the wall on a short hop. Bobby was our cleanup hitter and could hit it the farthest out of all of us by a good 70 ft.

“We need to go to the locker room and get ready for our game,” called coach.

We all shot for the locker room and then got on our brand new uniforms.

“Stepping up to the plate number 24 Derek Hester,” shouted the voice up in the announcer's booth.

While I was stepping up to the plate I looked all around the field and saw the four ESPN cameras. It made me feel more excited to get a big hit. This tall six foot 2 pitcher threw 80 mph, one of the fastest pitchers in Williamsport this year. The first pitch was a rocket that hit 80 mph as I swung and missed for strike one. As I gripped my new DeMarini Cf3 I was looking for another fast ball. The following pitch was off speed change up that I was out in front by a mile. I even heard the dugout groan. The next pitch was another bullet and I made contact and drove it to deep left center field and it landed on the warning track one hopping the fence. I made quickly and dirtily to second base for a double. It was a close offensive battle, but our defense was on their toes and we ended up winning the game 2-0. Our coach was so proud and he wanted us to play like this all World Series.

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