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Tish Cohen. The One And Only ZoŽ Lama
HarperTrophy Canada  $11.99  ISBN 978-0-00-639513-3 216 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 11

I hate going to the doctor. Itís total chaos. The entire waiting room is coated with a thin, gluey glaze of mucus. The walls, the receptionist's desk, even the Kleenex box- all sticky. And donít even get me started on the fish tank. The floor is crawling with feverish brats thumping one another with plastic tricycles, and youíre never going to find a place to sit, because all the spare seats have spit-up on them.

Nothing against Dr. Jensen, other than the way he sings Beatles songs while he looks into your ear, heís an okay guy for a pediatrician. And if you survive your checkup without wailing, vomiting, or stealing his latex gloves- so you can fill them with water and launch them out your bedroom window later- he gives you an animal cookie on your way out. I donít mind that they arenít chocolate chip cookies. Iím twelve years old; plenty old enough to know itís easier to bribe a blubbering kid with food if itís shaped like an alligator.

After having the chicken pox for a week, ZoŽ Monday Costello is back at school, ready to face the hardships of her fellow classmates. But when she arrives at school on Monday, she finds out from her two best friends, Susannah and Laurel, that everything has been under control because of a Grade Sixer named Devon Sweeney. Devon has stolen ZoŽís job of helping others, right from under her nose. Now her and Devon battle for the title that they both want- The Lama.

In The One and Only ZoŽ Lama, I fell in love with the characters. They were smart, funny and very interesting, which made this book a pleasure to read. I liked that ZoŽ realized what was going on in Devon's life, and showed a whole lot of friendliness towards her because she knew what it felt like, losing your dad. While ZoŽ attends school everyday, real things happen; things that happen to us real kids- like being embarrassed in front of the whole class and the teacher just makes it worse. With an addiction to chocolate, most of us kids can relate to, this book is most suitable for ages 10-12, and probably only girls would want to read this!!

I'll give The One And Only ZoŽ Lama 5 worthy stars!!!!!!


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