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Shenaaz Nanji. Child of Dandelions
Second Story $9.95  ISBN 978-1-897187-50-0 215 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 15

Before Mama could respond, the newsman on the radio said, “All foreign Indians will be weeded out of Uganda in ninety days.  Today is day one of the countdown.”

Sabine looked at Papa in confusion.  Had the President’s dream become law?

Sabine is an Indian who lived in Africa during 1972, a time when military President, General Idi Amin authorized a bill proclaiming that all Indians must leave home and country within 90 days.  Sabine’s father believed that they would never succeed in getting rid of all the Indians, but then Sabine’s family is torn apart and thousands across the country are killed and tortured.  Sabine must be brave and use all the resources she can if she is to get her family to safety.  Sabine makes new friends as her African friends are torn from her or turn their backs on her for being Indian.  Can she safely get her whole family out of the country, or will she have to leave someone behind?

I really enjoyed child of dandelions because it held my attention throughout, due to the rising action with threats and danger to their way of life.  The way the book was written with insights into the African culture, as well as the Indian, helped me get a better picture of life on both sides of the debate.  I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t just a story that told of brutal Africans murdering Indians without reason. How Nanji finished the book caught me by surprise, which is always good.  It made me want to know what would happen after. Child of dandelions is recommended for ages twelve and up. I would also recommend it for use in school projects. 

I give child of dandelions four stars. 


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