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Gordon Korman. One False Note (The 39 Clues, Book 2)
Scholastic  $13.99  ISBN 978-0-545-06042-4  174 pg.
Reviewed by Tyler, age 13

She felt suddenly, unexpectedly spent. Maybe we should just give up. Go home to Boston, let Nellie off the hook. Surrender to social services; see if Aunt Beatrice will take us backů

And yet she knew in her gut that quitting was the last thing they would do. The last thing they could do.

The main characters in this story are Amy and Dan Cahill who, along with their temporary babysitter Nellie, are trying to find the 39 clues.  It takes place shortly after the first book (Maze of Bones).  The main problem in this leg of the race is that they have a sheet of music by Mozart but have no idea what use it is.

One False Note was written by Gordon Korman, a different author than the first book, as is the third one.  The genre of this book is a mystery-fantasy novel.  The third book in this series is The Sword Thief, which hit the stores in March 2009.

I think that One False Note is an amazing book and that each author has found a good way to adapt the story to each change.  Also this author apparently did a lot of research about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his many masterpieces.  They have even set up an Internet 39 Clues in which you could win a chance at $100,000 in prizes.

I give One False Note 5 stars.


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