Flower Reflections
Eileen, Age 15, Seward, AK

Up at the top of a tall, tall tower    
Way in the corner; there grew a flower.
Above it perched a scary bat,
Below it flew an annoying gnat.
In front there ran a perky dog;
Toward it hopped a jolly frog.
Around it flew a swarm of birds;
Behind it lay a pile of turds.
Inside the flower thought and thought,
What would happen if I was not
Here atop this tower tall;
Or even here alive at all!
“Would nature notice I was gone?
Or would it just keep going on.”
Would the bat say, “Where is the flower pretty?”
Would the gnat say, “Where is the blossom who makes me giddy?”
Would the dog think, “Where is the bud that stood in my way?”
Would the frog think, “Why did my sweet petunia not stay?”
Would the swarm of birds fly all night to find a flower just as fine?
Would the pile of turds think, “What happened to our hiding vine?”
The flower laughed and said, “What’s this?”
“Why have I brought this trouble amiss?”
For I am here and it is clear,
That I will be here for most of a year.
I should not worry;
For if I hurry
I may say goodbye to all my friends
Before this blessed, good year ends.
And then in the spring,
When all things sing
I shall burst to life once more
And laugh and laugh in a joyous song, for
The gnat,
The bat,
The frog
The dog,
The bird, and
The turd,
Have all come alive too
Who knew, who knew?

Then all my lovely friends and I
Will say, “My, my!”
For there we’ll stand and will not fall
Up upon that tower tall.

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