Follow the Music
Anthony, Age 12, Surrey, BC

"Mamma mamma, Poppa's here."

"Hello Peter. It's good to be back."

"Where did you go, papa?"

"Well, let me tell you a little story.

I was walking home when I passed an old, dilapidated house.. I was about to walk right past when I spotted the most beautiful bracelet I had ever seen. It was gold with red rubies and green emeralds. At that exact moment I knew I had to have it.

It was getting dark so I had to hurry. As I walked in I heard the most beautiful music I had ever heard. It seemed so close yet so far away. The beautiful music flowed ever so gently. There, right in front of me was the bracelet but it was like I was in a trance.

I started to follow the music. The music was getting stronger and stronger as I went. I was walking brainlessly when I bumped into a big, hard metal door. I came out of my trance. I forgot all about the music. The gentle sound had just dissappeared. I knew I was following something important so I continued on my adventure. I looked at the metal door and I found a very small inscription reading, cisum eht wollof. I was dumbfounded trying to figure it out.

I then thought it wasn't important and continued on. What was behind the metal door was very surprising. It was just a gray room. I inspected all the walls and when turning around to leave I heard the Music. It was a much stronger tune and not as gentle. It came from one of the walls. I went to inspect it again. It came to as a shock to find the same little inscription on the wall as was on the door. I knew it meant something. I ran my fingers over the hard, cold letters and, to my surprise, the wall crumbled to the ground.

"Help Me!" I screamed in fright.

After all the dust cleared, I saw a painting of an old man. He had fluffy gray hair, his eyes where as black as black can get, his gaze chilled you to the bone, and he appeared to be playing a big, black grand piano.

As I inspected it more I saw on the outline of the chair that the man sat on, an inscription. To my surprise it read, cisum eht wollof. At the point, I was getting mad.

"What can this mean!" I screamed with rage. The music was getting stronger and stronger. The music was very addictive. I read the inscription over and over again trying to figure out what it meant. Try after try I just couldn't get it. The music was getting louder and louder. It was like it wanted me to find out what it meant. I started kicking the wall in anger. But then I thought, maybe it's backwards? Maybe I need to read it backwards? I tried reading it backwards and on my second try I read

"Follow the Music".

As soon as the words where out of my mouth the painting swung open and an old, scratchy voice bellowed "COME IN". I was frightened. What was behind there? What would I find?

Well, there was only one way to find out. I climbed through the black hole and climbed down the ladder I found in there. Sitting at an old, black piano was the man in the picture. "You have followed the music well my friend, for that I shall reward you. Take this flower and go to your family, put this flower into a vase and make a wish. Only one wish. Now, be gone!"

And with that last remark he had vanished along with the piano. A hole in the wall appeared and I could see the darkness of the night already. I had to hurry home. I put the flower into my pocket and ran. As I was out of the building, it crumbled to the ground.
That's where my story ends, Peter".

"Wow Poppa is it true, doe you have the flower"?

"Right here my son" and he took it out of his pocket. As Peter looked at it he noticed a beautiful, yellow musical note in the middle of the fluffy, red pedals. As he was about to give it back, black letters formed and said, You have followed the music. Then as soon they had appeared they where gone. The wind whistled on and he thought he heard a gentle, lovely song playing through the air. He looked up and and his dad was starring down at him, smiling. They went inside and put the flower in a vase went to bed without making there wish. They had decided to think about the wish carefully. That night, when everyone was lying in bed, you couldn't miss the beautiful sound that whistled on through the house. Papa lay in bed thinking about the wish. He realized, they don't need it. Their family is perfect the way it is. He knew, he truly had followed the music. He now knew what the purpose of that adventure was. And, with that last remark, he slipped into a deep sleep.

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