Michael, Age 13, Easton, CT

There he is, the fearsome linebacker
Also known as, the vicious QB sacker
And then he jolts
Like a lightning bolt
Sprinting around the line
His target is found, and just in time
It is the quarterback

But something blocks his way
This being the monstrous fullback
Hes often compared, to a certain type of bear
But when the backer makes a move, he blocks nothing but air
And nothing stands between him and who they call the golden boy
But when hes through with him, hell be the whimpering waterboy
Then BAM!!! The quarterback is rudely awakened
And SLAM!!! The QB hits the ground, feeling that his earth has been shaken

Not to mention the fumble, and that the ball is loose!
Soon there is a tumble, and this is all the truth!
Players swarm,
Like seagulls after a cracker
But look who emerges,
Its the one and only linebacker
Then he picks up the pigskin, by its laces
And the fearsome linebacker, is off to the races
He finally reaches, what we usually call the glorious end zone
But he now visits so often, hes renting it as his new home.

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