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C.K. Kelly Martin. I Know It's Over
Random House $19.99 ISBN 978-0-375-84566-6  244 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 15

"Can I see you soon?" I asked. I felt better for getting everything out in the open, but that didn't necessarily fix anything.

"Call me, okay? We'll talk about it." She took a step towards the door, then reached back and touched my sleeve so delicately that it made me flinch. "I don't know what you expected."

Nick's summer is just beginning and it's already looking pretty mediocre. He's pleased to be out of school and he'll appreciate the extra time with his hot, almost-girlfriend Dani, but he still feels like there's something missing. And that something turns out to be someone; a someone named Sasha. Gorgeous, wild, mysterious Sasha. At first Nick is apprehensive of such a strange, beautiful girl but after a few conversations, he's hooked. So long Dani! Things with Sasha go first. But then Sasha ends up pregnant. Scared, confused and alone, the couple must learn to deal with the fact that even if they were each other's first real love, that doesn't mean they'll be together forever. They have to learn how to say, it's over. But what if Nick doesn't want it to be over?

From the beginning, Nick's honest, heartfelt worldview felt refreshing to read. Sure he's no Prince Charming, but he's open and real and he is crazy in love with Sasha. Their story is one that is compulsively readable, and it will break your heart at the same time. Almost every girl who reads the book will nod along with Sasha’s difficult-choices and Nick's devastation will give them insight into the mind of a so-real-he-might-walk-off-the-page guy. I really thought that I Know It's Over was about as authentic as the author could get!

I give C.K. Kelly Martin's I Know It's Over four stars.


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