Song Giver
Tommy, Age 14, Coral Springs, FL

Flitting, flutt’ring in the sky
Are a little bird and I-
I never reach him, nor does he
Ever swoop to carry me.

Yet I truly know this bird,
It seeming but a bit absurd-
When waking with his cheerful song
My day he brightens all along.

He and I speak different tongues,
But still we have a set of lungs!
So talk we not, but sing we do
Whistling, chirping, through and through.

I never really take to flight
Reaching clouds way out of sight-
But my bird friend soars so near
He wakes me with his morning cheer.

Flitting flutt’ring in the sky,
Are a little bird and I-
And as long as I shall live,
This bird to me a song shall give.

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