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Peggy Dymond Leavey. Trouble at Turtle Narrows
Napoleon  $9.95  ISBN 978-1-894917-71-1  134 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 10

Hurry up, you idiots, I thought. I'm going to die! I hammered with both fists and roared with all the strength I had left.

The main character is 13-year-old Joel Osler, who just moved away from his mother in Toronto to live with his father in Turtle Narrows. When Joel's dad finally moves into a bigger house, things start to get good for Joel. Like him getting a real bedroom and most of all Joel gets a dog named Molly, the first pet he has ever had. Things arenít so good for his dad. Joel discovers they might lose the house. Will Joel find a way to keep the house?

Trouble At Turtle Narrows is Peggy Dymond Leavey's eighth novel for young readers. Her first, Help Wanted: Wednesdays Only, was published by Napoleon in 1994. If you want another Joel Osler story, check out Treasure at Turtle Lake.
I liked Trouble At Turtle Narrows because there are a lot of mysteries in it; like if the body in the truck was Leo or not, what the men were doing in the industrial park or if Joel's dad would have to sell the house. Also I liked how the story got into the book right away, as the first page told about Joel finding his dog Molly. Thirdly I thought it was funny that they found Joel, because they thought the flaps opening and closing were a signal when Joel was just trying to get some air. Lastly I liked the detailed picture on the cover of the book because I recognized that it was a picture of Paige, Matt and Joel in front of the deep lake.

I would give Trouble At Turtle Narrows a four star rating and recommend it for ages 9 and up.


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