Which Way?
Julia, Age 13, Easton, CT

Do rainbows always lead to gold,
From wonder to yet more?
Or is long and hard the path to take,
Leading to treasure from lore?

Does a difficult road reap more rewards
Than instant gratification?
Does sorrow sow the seeds of hope,
Or is it my imagination?

Is it the easier to reach,
The less valuable the treasure?
Wait with patience, then sing with joy for
Gifts providing pleasure?

Or does the right way change,
When both lead to the same thing?
One more tedious than the other,
One a cause to cry, the other to sing?

Is the easier in this case
Better to go along,
With the same end,
But one way that is boring and long?

And if the wrong way is chosen, do all ordain
Their choice will be their fall,
That one bad mistake
Is ruin of them all?

Does one bad apple
Ruin the lot?
Or is the choice reversible,
Can one undo what one has been taught?

Is reality a mindset in our minds,
A window in a hall of mirrors?
Is the mind a type of reality,
Sheltered from all physical fears?

If so, is a choice a path
Available exclusively for you,
Something you must eventually take,
Or starve from lack of something new?

If until it meets another fork
You must follow one,
Can one path lead back,
And make the deed undone?

Which leads to your goals,
Will make your life worthwhile?
If neither appeals,
Should you choose with a smile?

Whichever path you take,
Whether itís right or wrong,
Donít blame it on others,
It is now where you belong.

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