9/11 - The Twin Towers
Victoria, Age 10, Liverpool, England

A huge boom,
A flash of lights,
Until someone looks up,
The planes crashed,
Into the twin towers,
Their eyes closed in shock.

The arms of the towers,
Begin to weaken,
The feet begin to hurt,
The eyes begin to fill,
With tears,
As it begins to fall.

It falls, until the arms too weak,
falling bit by bit,
The city becomes a wild jungle,
As everyone hurries away.

Inside the building,
People scurry away,
Some know their lives will not be saved,
And jump out the window,
Hoping the trees arms will catch them,
Saying their last goodbyes.

The fire fighters are called to work,
The engines begin to frown,
The fire fighters try to succeed,
But some do not,
As the tower fell down,
The eyes of the tower,
No longer stare,
Upon the city of fear.

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