Lara, Age 14, Lorton, VA

There was a flower,
That I saw
For a long hour,
In the middle of Utah.

There came a wind,
So I tilted my head back
And grinned,
For now I could kayak.

As I got my gear,
I heard a croak
That turned my ear,
A toad spoke.

I looked to find it.
I listened carefully.
And found it in a pit.
It happened to be warty.

Slowly I stretched.
My hand got closer.
It did not want to be fetched,
So it hopped over capture.

As I chased after the toad,
I knew where it was moving.
My running had slowed
And I heard a booming.

A storm had arrived.
I ran to save my flower.
Before the toad reached it, I dived
To save it if only for an hour.

The downpour began.
My dream of kayaking was diminished.
With my flower I ran
Into the house, vanquished!

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