Three Little Ducks
Hannah, Age 12, Huntington, WV

Once there was a duck called May. Her sisters were called April and June. They lived in a creek called Four Pole Creek.

Every September they began to fly South. After a few days of flying they got there. In the spring the three ducks went back to West Virginia.

One day there was a flood. May, June, and April waddled up a steep hill to a horse.

The owners gave them bread, seeds, and weeds to eat. The daughter petted them and they played with the girl.

One day when the flood had gone down, they went back down the hill. They found out that their house had been washed away in the flood. April, May, and June began to gather leaves, twigs, down, and dirt.

One day after they laid their eggs a terrier came along and ate one of the eggs. The poor mothers were quacking and chasing it away.

The terrier stepped on Aprilís egg, and smashed it.

April laid another egg.

Two of the eggs were boys and the other was a girl.

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