The Boy Who Was Always Happy!
Noyona, Age 12, Dubai, UAE

In London, there was a lad
Who had no mum or dad.
Yet his big smile never faded
As he happily cascaded
Through the villages and towns,
Nothing…no, nothing could bring him down.
Not the thunder, not the rain
Even in tough situations,
His smile wouldn’t fail him again…
“Again?” You say?
I thought he smiled all day!
No… once, in the dead of night,
Little John woke up, and saw the light!
He ran outside… and into the dark,
Far on the other side of town
He heard a little dog bark.
“Funny,” he thought, “I have never heard that before-“
But then stopped, when he saw something rattle at his door!
He gasped! And then his smile was gone!
Outside in the cold, standing on the lawn,
For the light, which he had always dreamt of seeing,
Was one very extraordinary being!
One of them? I think not!
Hundreds, no, millions, right on the spot!
All of them standing correctly in a line
Many a chill ran down little John’s spine.
For now he understood what “very scared” meant
For, the mystic light was not what he had dreamt!
It was a gigantic shuttle from outer space
And in a boring place like London, an extraordinary case!
He ran inside and bolted the door.
He had never felt so frightened before!
In a moment the shuttle went in a flash of light
And he was back in bed, looking out into the night.
He didn’t understand what happened, but had,
And right there! We all could say he wasn’t a happy lad!
So there, you see? I blurted it out!
That John wasn’t happy throughout.
The next morning he thought about it for a while,
Then returned to his usual smile!
But, every night just to be sure,
He would bolt his door, nice and secure.
He also put traps and bells just to keep,
Somebody or something outside,
and John in his bed, fast asleep!
So there you have it! Here the story ends,
Go spread the word- go tell all you friends!
And if you smile all the time,
(And I bet you do,)
You will have an alien on your lawn, looking for you!
And as for John, he is trying to control his smile
But you can still see him smiling…at least most of the time!

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