Jordan, Age 14, Harrisburg, PA

Once upon a time there was a boy who was extremely tall. But he did not know what to do with his height. He tried several sports including wrestling, baseball, football tennis, basketball, golf, and swimming. But none of them worked out except for basketball and swimming. Although he was a better swimmer he did not have a passion for it the way he did for basketball. So at the age of seven he quit swimming to focus fully on basketball.

Jock was a very good athlete to begin with but basketball made him look like an even better one. He could jump up very high which made him a tremendous shot blocker. He also had a soft touch around the basket and had a very nice three point shot to increase his ability.

His eighth grade year he began to show the public how good he was by starting on the ninth grade basketball team. He averaged fifteen points a game and 12 rebounds. He took his team to the playoffs as the best player on his team.

In the first round of the playoffs Jock scored the winning three point shot with 2.1 seconds left. They then advanced to the second round. But in the second round of the playoffs, although Jock scored thirty-one points with eight blocks, they lost to Hampton by ten.

Although Jock's team lost the game they had the best season they had had since 2000. Also Jock had a spot saved for him on the varsity bench as a freshman.

Next Year
Only as a freshman Jock was the big man at high school. The one all the senior girls flirted with, the one the wrestlers thought was cool. The only problem he faced was with grades. He wasnt a stupid kid or anything he just was caught up with high school fun and never had time to do work.

After the first month of school Jock had two Fs and three Ds. The only class he had a good grade in was Physical Education.

So after a very long talk with the principal, his teacher, and the head basketball coach Jock realized if he did not step his game up academically he would no longer be able to play on the varsity basketball team. Although it was not easy Jock put his friends off to the side and put his head in the books.

After only one week of studies Jock had four Bs, and one C. During that same week basketball started. Although Jock was very good he practiced extra hard to make sure senior forward Pat Dixon did not start over him.

They had two weeks of practice before the first game. During those two weeks Jock worked very hard trying to outshine everyone in every drill. Although Jock played the best coach was very wary about Jock's grades and did not start him until the second game.

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