They Left
Sarah, Age 14, Taipei, Taiwan

They left,
The ones I trust,
Abandoning me,
Leaving me with two possessions.
My wheelchair,
The heft from their sacks.

There were no more options,
I had to search for them
I accepted their unsympathetic offer.

Dodging walking obstacles,
Swerving sharp zigzags,
Making the steep slopes,
Given life by an elevator.

The zenith,
With a sip of triumph,
It dissolves swiftly,
Into a lump of agony.

There they were again,
The ones that gave up on me.
My apathetic, unmerciful, and pitiless,
So called friends.

They started spitting acids at me.
“Where did you go?
Why did you take our backpacks?
We are going to be late for the bus!
It’s YOUR fault!”
Each word shot bulls-eye at my heart,

They left,
Now the unfaithful ones,
Abandoning me once again.
Leaving me with two objects,
A stabbed heart.

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