Mysteries of Magic
David, Age 13, Taipei, Taiwan

The show BEGINS!
Dear Magic Set,
A     You are the greatest object that will ever
B     Rule the world.
R     O, Master of Deception, God of Games,
A     Though you are simple tools,
C     You are also the most complex shows.
A     The power you and I share,
D     Let others admire us with awe.
A     You and I, Puppet and Master,
B     Always working side by side,
R     Constantly thinking of new shizzles and zaps.
A     Your famous Abracadabra
!      Amazes the amazing.
A furious fire forms flourishing flowers
The audience gapes in bewilderment
The joy
You feel at
Making people ogle at
You in total confusion keeps growing
Takes the shape of laughter that ripples out of my mouth,
Our voices as one.
O, Monstrous Amazing Great Illusion Creator
Admiration for you runs through my veins
Like water in the ocean.
You are the real BAM! in life
Gone…disappeared in thin air…
CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP Clap Clap Clap clap clap clap....
The show ends

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