Majestic Creature
Hope, Age 15, Twin Lake, MI

A horse is a creature
That’s strong and majestic,
He stirs up the earth,
With one mighty kick.

He prances so proudly,
He tosses his mane.
He gallops ‘round wildly,
Shaking terrain.

Yet his eyes are soft and gentle,
Staring innocently at me,
Doing anything I ask him,
Waiting only for my cue.

I softly call his name,
And lean against the fence,
The ground begins to quiver,
As hoof beats soon commence,

He nuzzles my hand eagerly,
Waiting for his grain.
His horsey smell becomes distinct
As I bury my face in mane.

A puff of air kisses my cheek,
I look up into big brown eyes,
A velvety muzzle brushes my hand,
Then flings up toward the skies.

He’s off again, speeding down the field,
I shake my head and sigh,
I watch over the fence as he frisks about,
Then step back and say goodbye.

He prances so proudly,
He tosses his mane,
He gallops ‘round wildly,
Shaking terrain.

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