Math Textbook
Ratan, Age 13, Taipei, Taiwan

Like a demon, waiting to spray you with numbers.
Once opened the demon attacks you with thousands and thousands of  digits.
Take a deep breath and step back.
In astateofconfusiononedoesnotrealizethatthesedigitsare not arranged randomly,
They are rather like tactics the demon uses as a decoy.

These puzzles weigh a ton, you could break your
wrist if you tried to hold it with just ten fingers.
Although the stack is heavy, the pages are so smooth
You could mistake it for silk if you were blind folded.

Like a supplier of the cryptic puzzles the cruel, creepy, clever math professors give you
These cryptic mathematic puzzles
Are then put on another collection of sheets a.k.a examination

In order to test how well you can decipher these puzzles.

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