Leaving Muscat
Noyona, Age 12, Dubai, UAE

Iíve been in Muscat for four years
Through the laughter and through the tears
Muscat has been a home of mine
As far as I can remember, and thatís a long long time!
My stay here will soon come to an end,
Leaving my home, my country, each friend.
But we are looking forward to Dubai
So I wave Muscat goodbye!
I came to Muscat when I was seven
And am now leaving it when I am elevenÖ
Sadly I know I have to go
But itís hard to part with my home, you know,
As I stare solemnly at the sky,
Though in my heart I know where I lie

Because itís my home, a lovely place
I donít want to go, I leave a trace
Of my heart in otherís lives
And I have to part, and say goodbye.
Our move is continuous and it wonít stop
But as far as I know, Muscat is on top!!
Hanging with friends, the mall, the school,
Living in Muscat was pretty cool
But the packers will soon be on their way,
So I know that this is going to be a full day!
Still all good things come to an end,
I feel so sad I donít have to pretend.
But the decision that we are about to take
Makes me want to quiver and shake
To leave my friends and memories behind
Is not what I actually had in mind!
Because Dubai is a picture of my wildest dreams
But everything there is not what it seems
Here the people are quiet, the pace is slow
There, the hustle and bustle behind every door,
Makes me queasy, makes me uneasyÖ

Itís so difficult to say farewell,
But this is a story I will always tell.
Like, when I came here,
I was so quiet, and so very scared
But then relaxed as I saw how people cared.
Instantly I felt at home
Now I did not feel alone
Here, I knew I would lead a happy life
But now I feel I must say goodbye.

Bye-bye Muscat, goodbye old friend
I wanted to stay here till the end
So all the people who are reading this,
I give Muscat a farewell kissÖ

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