Samantha, Age 13, Elkhorn, WI

Thump, thump!  The sound of the ball was a sign to get ready for a play.  I just passed the ball in by the other team’s hoop, so I had to run down to our hoop and get into position.  We were behind by two and desperately needed to tie before the two minutes on the clock expired.  It was the last game of the season, so we had to make it count.

“Liberty,” our point guard yelled the play.

The wings set a screen for the post, leaving the post wide open.  The point guard faked a shot and then passed to the open post leaving her wide-open for a shot.


The coach would say that shot was like magic.  The crowd went wild just as the buzzer sounded.  We all ran into a huddle to listen to our coach yell instructions to us.

“Coach, you have ten minutes in overtime,” stated the referee.

We shouted out team cheer and headed back onto the court.  I wiped a bead of sweat off of my forehead with my purple and gold jersey, inhaled the moist and warm air, and was ready to go.

Our team had the ball and the point passed to me. Right when I got the ball, the girl guarding me shoved me hard. It was a big blur falling to the ground.  It was like I was in slow motion. Thump!  I hit the ground and my head was spinning.  A shot of pain struck my arm. The referees were blowing their whistles and calling, ‘Foul!’ while my coach ran on the court.

“What’s wrong?” he questioned.

“My arm,” I moaned.

He lifted me to my feet, with the arm that wasn’t hurt, and walked me to the bench.  When we got to the bench, he handed me an extremely cold ice pack.  That was the only injury I have ever gotten in a sport.  The crowd applauded and my mom was looking worried. Meanwhile, my arm felt like it was going to fall off.  I watched silently as my teammate shot the two free throws for me.

I hated sitting on the bench. I wanted to play!


I was interrupted by the sound of the other team making a three-pointer.  Great, I thought, now we are behind with two minutes left on the clock.

I could move my arm, so it wasn’t broken.  It was just bruising.  I asked my coach if I could go in and he looked at my arm questionably, but then nodded.

We had the ball and were running our play called motion.  The other team was doing a good job on defense, so we kept running it until the post was open.  The left wing passed to the post and the post went up for the shot. It teetered on the edge of the rim before falling in.


The buzzer sounded!  We just won the game and remained undefeated!  We ran towards each other and high-fived, screaming with joy.  Then we had to line up to tell each other good game.  By the end of all that, I had a black and blue bruise the size of an orange.  The coach said this game really counted because we played like a team.  He congratulated us, but of course, there is always room for improvement.  That will have to wait for practice because now it’s time to celebrate our victory.

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