How Pandas Got Black Eyes
Byron, Age 14, Harrisburg, PA

Giant pandas are majestic creatures, but how did they get those black eyes? It all started long, long ago in a time when strange fantasies were real.

During that time, there was a young panda named Ponga. Like all other young pandas, Ponga loved to play, sleep, and eat. But the thing that made him special was the fact that he was a prince, and a very self-centered prince at that. The king and queen loved him very much, so they spoiled him with expensive toys, lavish gifts, and exquisite meals.

As Ponga grew up, he learned how to govern and rule as a fair and just king. When Ponga’s parents passed away, he was sad, but he knew that he must assume the throne as king. As king, he had good intentions, but again, he became extremely selfish. Ponga had all the citizens of the kingdom bring him gifts. He ordered to have all the riches of the land, and since Ponga’s word was law, no one refused.

Eventually, the kingdom began to suffer. The citizens knew the land would wither away if Ponga’s selfishness continued. So they organized a resistance group to put him in his place. They marched up to the palace where the guards, who were involved in the resistance, willingly let them in.

Once inside, they searched the palace. They saw rooms filled with the kingdom’s gifts. There were rooms filled with gold, rooms full of silver, and rooms filled with both! At last, they found King Ponga when the resistance’s leader, a panda guard named Ping, heard Ponga laughing. It turns out that Ponga was rolling around in a pile of gold coins and precious gems. The resistance group kicked the door in.

Ponga was very confused as to why the pandas of his kingdom were in his room. The group grabbed him and held him still. Enraged, Ponga called his guards, but no one came to him except for Ping. The king ordered him to rid of the intruders, Ping didn’t listen. He approached his king, but instead of helping him, Ping punched him. Ping hit him twice, once in each eye. The resistance group then proceeded to leave.

King Ponga, with two black eyes had then realized his selfish ways. Ponga was a selfless and king from then on. But from that point on, giant pandas have always had those two distinctive eyes. And that is why pandas have black eyes.

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