Little Red's Story
Hannah, Age 12, Huntington, WV

Once upon a time there was a day my mother called, “Little Red Riding Hood, take this basket of things to eat to your grandmother. Don’t dawdle along the way and don’t go off the path. Ride Bluebell to go there. Hurry.” Bluebell was my little gray donkey. He was very friendly and would pull a little sleigh in the winter when it was all snowy.

I got the basket and went--on Bluebell--to the woods. When I got into the woods I could hear the woodcutters chopping their wood for the winter since it was late fall. I had gotten a little way into the forest when a big, gray, hairy wolf walked out of the bushes.

The wolf saw my basket and said, “Where are you going, little girl?”

“I am going to see Grandmother because she’s very sick.”

“I see. What do you have in your basket?”

“I have…” I said, looking in the basket. “…some tomatoes, a little salt in a paper twist, some bread, a pat of butter, a few little cakes, and a big jug of Mother’s best cider.”

“It sounds good to me. Tell you what. I’ll race you to see who gets there first. You take this way and I’ll take the other way. Your way is shorter because your donkey can’t run as fast as me.”

“All right.”

“Go!” We took off, if a trotting donkey can be considered fast.

The wolf got there first, but I didn’t know that at the time. I was going to find out soon, though.

I got to Grandma’s house in about half an hour. When I knocked on the door I heard a voice that didn’t sound much like Grandma’s voice, “Come in, my dear. The door isn’t locked.”

I said, “I won’t come in. You have to come out.”

All of a sudden the big wolf came bounding out of the house.

“Then I will eat you!” he said.

After he had swallowed me I heard some shouting and saw the blade of an axe poke through the wolf’s stomach. A woodcutter had sliced through the wolf’s stomach to get me out. Grandma was all right after a few days. She was always afraid of wolves until she died ten years later, though. I was fine too. The wood cutter skinned the wolf and saved the skin.

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