Hope, Age 15, Twin Lake, MI

Time, Time, it flies so fast; first you are young, then suddenly old,
You think, “All the time I thought I had, why, it seems to all have fled.”
You’ve run out of time! Could it be true? Or is it all in your head?
How you’d love to go back, change those days, if only just to remold.

So many things you’d change, if only you’d been told.
You wish that you could take back all the things that you have said.
Oh, if only way back then, you could’ve looked ahead,
To find out you’d have nothing good, to remember and to hold.

Time, please slow down, and give me time to think.
To make sure that I watch my words, I hope I won’t forget,
That if I could slow Time down, to do nothing I‘d regret.
It’s all so hard to realize, that life is just a blink.

Time, Time, it flies so fast, we’re always on the brink,
Of letting Time take over our lives and making us upset.

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