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KC Dyer. A Walk Through a Window
Random House $14.95  ISBN 978-0-385-66637-4  232 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 15

The dark was absolute­–and wrong.  It took Darby a minute or two to figure out the wall of noise from the storm had stopped the instant they stepped inside.  Just like someone had slammed a door on it.  Darkness dropped around her like a smothering black hood.  She couldn’t feel Gabe’s hand.  She couldn’t see any light.

A Walk Through a Window is the story of a time traveler named Darby.  Sent to live with her grandparents in PEI, city-girl Darby is bored out of her mind.  But then Darby meets Gabe, a boy who takes her through time, showing her PEI’s past people and Darby’s own ancestors. Will Darby learn to love this place she has come to live in and to love her weird grandparents before she goes back home?

KC Dyer has written an interesting story of Canadian time travel.  I found the way the Darby goes “through a window” to travel an original idea among so many time travel books.  I really liked the cover art of the girl walking around a clock.  The history in this book was interesting and well organised.  I think this book is an excellent read for any time traveller interested in PEI’s history and would recommend it as a book for book reports. 

I give KC Dyer’s A Walk Through a Window four stars.


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