The Zooks
Jennifer, Age 14, Dauphin, PA

Roger climbed into the wide windowsill. He opened the window with a click and slid it up. Cool night air flowed into the room as he gazed at the stars. They sparkled in the dark blue sky, shimmering and winking at him. He looked past them and found what he was really looking for, the moon. Roger had always dreamed of visiting the moon.

“Some day” He whispered “I will get to visit you”

A shooting star streamed across the sky, as if answering. He smiled as he slid back into bed. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Startled, he awoke. Something was in his room. He had heard it sneeze. He flashed on the little lamp by his bed. To his surprise, two small creatures sat on it. They were both short and fat. One was bright green with purple spots and had dark purple fluff at the end of it’s short tail and on the top of it’s head. The other one was bright yellow with orange spots and had orange fluff.

“What...what are you?” Roger asked.

“We are zooks” one answered. “we are going to take you to the moon. You said you wanted to come.”

“Really?” he asked in surprise “How will we get there?”

“Yes you do silly!” they laughed “It’s right here!” the zooks bounced lightly on his bed indicating that it was the space ship.

“My bed?” this was even more confusing. “My bed is not a spaceship..”

“Take us to the moon!” the zooks commanded the bed.

The bed, amazingly, lifted off of the floor and sailed through the window. And before Roger could protest, the bed zoomed into an upward climb. They crashed onto the moon and threw Roger and the zooks high in the air. To Roger’s surprise, he fell slowly and had enough time to turn so that he hit the ground feet first. When he hit the ground he jumped, launching himself back into the air. When he looked around he found that the zooks were jumping too. After they got tired of jumping the zooks showed him around. They peered into craters and collected moon rocks. Soon it was time to leave, because Roger was getting tired. They flattened out the bed, told it the go back to earth and sailed off. As they were flying closer to earth Roger drifted to sleep. That morning Roger woke up in his room, as usual, but stopped as he remembered what happened last night.

Was it a dream?” he asked himself as he crawled out of bed. Again he stopped. His pocket was unusually heavy. He reached inside and pulled out…. A moon rock! He smiled.

Maybe it was true after all...

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