Accomplishing the Goal (Part 2)
Stephanie, Age 11, Wanganui, NZ

Melissa and I had spent the weekend shopping, going to the movies, swimming at the beach, having lunch out, having a sleepover at my house and hanging out with our boyfriends. I have to say it was pretty fun. When we were at the beach, two cute guys turned their attention to us the whole time.

We got their names, Josh and A.J. Josh had turned his attention to me, as A.J. had for Melissa. They asked us for dates, but we turned them down, because, as I already told you, we already have boyfriends. Mine is named Alex Whitley, and Melissa's is Paul Daniels. We had a date tomorrow, but he always came to see me at the school each day.

"Well," began Rachael, "we had a sleepover at Carole's house, went shopping, swam at the beach down on Southford Avenue, ate out at restaurants and stuff like that."

Carole nodded, applying some Lip Chap to her obviously dry and chapped lips. "Yep. Not much, aye?"

I didn't answer. "That's like, exactly what we did," I said, gesturing to Melissa and myself. "I wonder why we didn't see each other at the mall?"

Rachael shrugged, lifting the strap of her bag, pulling it onto her shoulder. "Oh, well. Let's hurry and get those side by side lab tables before Elantra and Veronica get them, like they usually do."

Elantra Barry and Veronica Platt were enemies of Melissa, Carole, Rachael and I. They were wealthy goody-goodies, and they only cared for themselves and their looks. Once, when Elantra's new silk dress got a wrinkle that only got bigger when she tried to smooth it, she started pouting and demanding everyone that walked past her to smooth it for her, or go buy her a new one if they couldn't smooth it. I wasn't surprised. Elantra needs her clothes to be perfect, her hair to be perfect and her face perfect. It would make you sick if you saw her when she was like that, which is like every day, so basically you'd be sick all day, every day. As for Veronica, well, she is about the same, except worse. I'm not going to tell you about the scene that I witnessed with Veronica. Let me give you a hint though, it took place in the cooking classroom.

Rachael held the door for us, and we hurried down to the Biology classroom. Lucky for us, our teacher wasn't even in the classroom yet. Mr. Whitfield, the teacher, was so harsh on people who were late, one of the girls in our class, Penelope Sanchez, had tears coming down her cheeks after Mr. Whitfield gave her heck for being one minute late. We rushed to our seats and plunked down. We were lucky that Elantra and Veronica came in just after us, glaring until they found seats at the very front, where most of the people got yelled at. When we got in, the only people in the classroom were Andrea Lockwood, Lydia Atkinson and Deanna Blume, so we had lots of choice of where to sit. We pulled out our books, just as the bell rang and the rest of the class filed in like a stampede. I held onto my lab set as a bunch of the most obnoxious boys in the class loped past, almost knocking my lab set over.

"Jerks," I muttered, watching as they Call down into their seats right behind Melissa and I. I snorted in disgust. Unfortunately, one of the boys, Scott Langley, the rowdiest and loudest boys of the group, heard me snort. He stopped talking to his friends, who were hooting with laughter about something.

"Hey. How's it going, Callie?" he asked, leaning over his table.

I laughed. "You want to know how it's going? Since when have you ever paid any attention to me, Scott? I thought that to you, I was considered ‘The Geek’"

He still smiled. "Since when, huh? Since a long time ago. That must mean you're doing ok, then?"

I rolled my eyes. "Bug off, Scott," I said as I turned back to the front.

"Whoa!" he said. "Bug off? Well . . . okay, then, if that's what makes you happy, Callie dahling," He said in a sarcastically dreamy voice.

"Thank goodness!" I said, shaking my head. I heard him laughing with his friends again, and I sighed. Boys could be so dumb sometimes, especially Scott.

I started chatting to Melissa about what we were going to do after school.

"Main Street Diner?" I suggested. The Main Street Diner is where everyone usually went to enjoy a sundae, hamburger or Cappuccino after school, to relax and chat with their friends.

"Sure," said Melissa said. "Oh and . . . . . shh," she said suddenly.

I looked at her curiously, but then when I saw Mr. Whitfield walk in, I nodded at her and sat back in my chair, looking straight at the front.

First we did attendance, and then as fast as you can say, "Do We Have To?" he had us working on trying to make this liquid medicine that is supposed to cure cancer, according to Mr. Whitfield. Personally, I think that he has gotten kind of crazy since the car crash that he was in last year. He makes us try and figure out things that even in a million, billion years no existing scientist could figure out. I glanced at Melissa, and she too, was looking bored and unimpressed by the instructions given to do the task.

We didn't dare talk or even whisper, for Mr. Whitfield would come over to you and actually yell in your face asking you why you were talking. And if you dared argue, he will . . .. well, I am not going to say. Parents have complained but the school just doesn't seem to care. Stupid, huh?

To be continued.....

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