Hooray for Marisa at the Beach
Madeline, Age 6, Salmon Arm, BC

Our story starts in London, where there are many double-decker buses, and bands of loud music. In Trafalgar Square, in a neighbourhood called Piccadilly, in a small shattered and old light blue house, there lived a boy named Brilicoms, and a girl named Nilabea, and their mother and father. Brilicoms and Nilabea had a pet goldfish but they really wanted a dog. Whenever they went to the pet store together, they pestered their mother that they should buy one. But Brilicoms' and Nilabea's mother would always say, “Not today, dearies. I'm just here to buy some fish food for your pet goldfish.” 

One day, Brilicoms and Nilabea were lying on their beds in their room, looking at their picture-walls of dogs and puppies of all kinds, when they heard their father come in through the front door. 

“I`m home!” he called.

Brilicoms and Nilabea hurried down the hall to meet their father. They were eager to see if he had brought anything for them. 

“I`ve got a surprise for you two,” said Father when he saw his children coming to see him.

“What is it?” asked Brilicoms and Nilabea together. 

Father smiled, and handed them a large box from the pet store. 

“Oh, thank you, Father!” they cried when they saw what was inside. It was a small, shy, and cute Golden Retriever puppy! It shyly licked Nilabea`s cheek, and then Brilicoms` hand. 

Mother appeared and said, “Brilicoms and Nilabea, taking care of a puppy means lots of hard work, and it's a big responsibility.” 

“Don`t worry, Mom. we'll take good care of it,” promised Brilicoms and Nilabea together. 

“Alright then,” said mother, “you can keep the puppy.” 

Right away, the family got busy. Father bought a dish, while the rest of the family made a nice, cozy and comfortable basket. Brilicoms and Nilabea hurried to get a bone. Father got some wood to build a doghouse. He put it in the house, and began making it comfortable. Later, Mother went to buy some stew to make for dinner. Brilicoms bought some hamburger for the puppy. At last, they were ready for their new pet to move in. 

The puppy was playful and loved playing ball with Brilicoms and Nilabea. It caught every ball, and was also a big help no matter where it was. Finally, Nilabea knew what they should name the puppy.

“Let`s name the puppy Marisa,” she said one day at the table during supper.

The rest of the family agreed, and the puppy loved its new name. Marisa squealed when she sniffed the nice-smelling hamburger Brilicoms had bought.

A few days after she had moved in, the family brought her on her first trip to the beach. Brilicoms and Nilabea put on their swimming gear, and then went into the water to play with their beach ball. But suddenly, it slipped out of Nilabea`s hands, and started floating out to sea. They knew they could not follow it. Before anyone knew what was happening, Marisa had dived into the water to chase the ball. It bobbed up and down in the water as she swam closer. Finally, she had it! Then she swam closer to shore with the ball in her mouth. She was wet and drippy when she came out of the water.

So the family lived happily day after day, with their helpful and kind dog named MARISA!

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