555 Bristol Street
Tialiyah, Age 11, New York, NY

My home,
My block,
It is like my rock.

Walk down the street,
Horns go beep,
Fresh sneakers here,
Fake or real Pradas over there.

People with weaves,
Some of them are credit thieves,
Around the corner,
Thereís a Rocawash Laundry Mat,
Maybe 2 minutes away I might ask where SHA at,
My best friend since pre-k is no kind of minutes away,
555 BRISTOL STREET isnít the best place to be,
But it's fun for me,

Double dutchers down the block,
Hearing the beat go bop bop,
The feet hitting the ground,
You canít help but go jump up and down,

Block parties with dripping hoes,
Stocking up the Barbeque bowls,
The chicken so sweet and full of flavor,
You will just want to savor,

All of this happens on 555 Bristol Street between Lott and Hegeman.

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