The Battlefield
Luke, Age 10, Ireland

I was walking through the fields when I saw sandbags, trenches, people running.
It was coming back to me as I looked down at the bodies, those pinched faces.
I was running through long grass, scared and hurt - as if something had
taken my mind away.

I'd say I had just had a flashback, some sort of nightmare from the past.
Back those days we didn't care about who we were killing.
Now I do care because I have no future- God just took me back to where I used to lay.

Now my house is empty, only my wife and the cat as I watch her cry
over my picture of when I was in the war.
Now she's sad and all I can do is stand by the door.

I am filled with tears as she says, "come back John, come back"!
And when she watches the tv she is crying because she misses me.
Now all I can hear is the clock ticking on the wall - I don't think
it's fair, at all, at all.

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